Home Living Store have been sourcing and selling products since 2001. We understand that our customers are shopping for great value, in-style products, from a business who they can trust to quality assure, store and post their purchase in a way that is safe, reliable and fast.

In 2019, as the world saw some drastic changes in the way we purchase products, Home Living Store decided to build a website and focus on online sales channels such as eBay and Shopify. This has proven to be an amazing way for people to continue to shop for products they love, without having to leave home. In March of 2021, we saw the official launch of our online store, which now efficiently conducts online business Australia wide.



Before we offer you a product, we have them delivered to our warehouse where we:
1) Test the product ourselves.
2) Check that parts and instructions are correct.
3) Make sure it’s a good enough quality to provide to our customers.


Our warehouse team ensures that all products are stored in a safe and organised way, to both maintain the quality of items and allow easy access to pick quickly when orders are placed. To make sure there are no shipping delays we also:
1) Manage and unload containers effectively to keep products in stock and available for you to buy.
2) Warehouse equipment is regularly inspected to avoid any downtime with small quantities of items stored on low racks (in case of forklift malfunction).
3) Stock is stored logically, so that it can be found easily.


Welcome to our wrapping station, complete with bubble wrap, cellophane, fragile tape, foam and the latest hip hop on the radio. The last of those is a pun, however the rest we take very seriously!

We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, so when it comes to packaging your products we know exactly how to prepare them for the courier and freight carrier process.

Our team will assess the cardboard thickness, adding foam, bubble wrap, extra cardboard 
and cellophane wherever necessary, as well as fragile tape just to make sure the package is treated extra kindly.

We don’t want to waste your time or our own, so your purchase arriving safely is our number one priority.


Couch & Dining Suites
We have our own vehicles for our free local delivery service which we use for our bulky range including couch and dining suites. we offer this service within 50km of our Cockburn Central warehouse, however we also quote to travel a bit further and where possible we use these vehicles to get standard products out faster or make sure our express orders arrive super fast!

All Standard & Interstate Orders
For all orders placed, we are creating postage labels and booking the courier pick up the same day! Knowing the courier is arriving the next day to pick up the item, your order goes straight into the picking and packaging process the day you order.
This is how we ensure that our handling timeframes are met and your items are given to the courier as soon as possible.

But we don’t stop there...

During Transit
All of our orders include tracking, so you can see where the item is and know which courier to contact with any questions.
While the courier service is for the most part out of our control, we see your overall shopping experience as our responsibility. They say the true test of character is shown during difficult times; we take a proactive approach and pride ourselves on great communication and doing the right thing by our customers in situations where there are any issues in transit.
We are contactable and happy to liaise with the courier on your behalf to effectively resolve the issue.


We see the ability to communicate with us effectively as absolutely vital.
Our office is managed from 7.30am-4.30pm AWST, during which time we are contactable by phone and ensure that if we miss any calls, they are returned immediately as we find them. We also check our email enquiries at 7.30am every weekday and try to respond within a day. Our website chat is also available for you to message any time.