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ACC227 Adaptor to Secure Wall Plate by Tauris™

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Introducing the Tauris™ ACC227 Adaptor to Secure Wall Plate, a specialized bracket designed for the TDA-11 model. This innovative accessory offers a convenient and space-saving solution to keep your bracket in optimal shape when not in use. With its versatile functionality, it is ideal for various applications, including travel, visual aesthetics, and more.

The ACC227 Adaptor is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Tauris™ TDA-11 bracket. When you need to store or transport your bracket, simply remove the panel and secure the arm using this adaptor. This ensures that your bracket remains compact and protected, allowing for easy storage in limited spaces such as caravans, boats, or any other travel scenarios.

Not only does the ACC227 Adaptor excel in travel situations, but it also offers visual aesthetics benefits for both household and office settings. When the TDA-11 bracket is not in use, the Adaptor to Secure Wall Plate keeps it neatly organized and visually appealing. Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and unsightly brackets, as this adaptor provides a streamlined and clean appearance.

Durability and reliability are paramount when it comes to securing your TV bracket, and the Tauris™ ACC227 Adaptor delivers on both fronts. Crafted with high-quality materials, this adaptor ensures a secure and stable hold for your TDA-11 bracket, giving you peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment is well-protected.

The Tauris™ ACC227 Adaptor is designed with convenience in mind. Its user-friendly design allows for easy installation and removal, enabling hassle-free setup and takedown. When you're ready to use your TDA-11 bracket again, simply detach the Adaptor to Secure Wall Plate and reassemble your bracket with ease.

Experience the practicality and space-saving benefits of the Tauris™ ACC227 Adaptor to Secure Wall Plate. Whether you're a frequent traveler in need of a compact storage solution or simply want to enhance the visual appeal of your living or working space, this specialized bracket provides the perfect answer to your TV bracket needs.

Choose the Tauris™ ACC227 Adaptor and enjoy the convenience, functionality, and aesthetics it brings to your TV bracket setup. Simplify your storage and elevate the appearance of your space with this reliable and versatile accessory from Tauris™.

Color: Black

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4 payments of $5.48

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