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ACC827 Extension Pole To Suit PJR070 Wall Mount by Tauris™

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Elevate your projection experience with the ACC827 Extension Pole for PJR070 Wall Mount. Designed for high ceilings, this extension pole allows you to maximize the distance between your projector and the ceiling, providing you with optimal positioning and a clear line of sight in any function room, event center, or environment that requires a mounted projector.

With an extension range of 780mm to 1340mm, the ACC827 Extension Pole enables you to adapt to different ceiling heights and achieve the perfect projection setup. By utilizing the vertical space, you can push your projector up and neatly position it in the top corner, ensuring a clear view for your audience while keeping your wall space free for other purposes.

The ACC827 Extension Pole is specifically designed to suit the PJR070 Wall Mount, offering a seamless integration and secure attachment. With a sturdy weight capacity of up to 50kg, it provides reliable support for a variety of projector models and sizes, ensuring stability and peace of mind during your presentations, events, or entertainment sessions.

Installing the ACC827 Extension Pole is quick and straightforward. It easily connects to the PJR070 Wall Mount, allowing for a hassle-free setup. The adjustable extension feature enables precise positioning, so you can achieve the ideal projection distance and angle for your specific needs. Enjoy a customized projection setup without the complexities of extensive installations.

Not only does the ACC827 Extension Pole enhance the functionality of your projector wall mount, but it also optimizes your space and creates a visually appealing environment. By utilizing the height of your ceilings and positioning the projector in the top corner, you can maximize the use of your available space and create a clean, clutter-free area.

Experience the benefits of elevated projection and space optimization with the ACC827 Extension Pole for PJR070 Wall Mount. Unlock the full potential of your high ceilings, create an immersive viewing experience, and ensure an unobstructed projection for your audience. With its versatile design and reliable performance, this extension pole offers a practical and efficient solution for your projection needs.

Choose the ACC827 Extension Pole and take your projection setup to new heights. Enjoy the advantages of increased distance, improved visibility, and efficient space utilization. Elevate your projection experience and create an impressive atmosphere with this premium extension pole designed for the PJR070 Wall Mount by Tauris™.

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