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Palm 90cm Artificial Plant by Criterion

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Introducing the Palm 90cm Artificial Plant, a visually impactful and luscious addition to elevate your home decor. This faux palm stands at 90cm tall, commanding attention with its large and lifelike glossy leaves. Its vibrant green color and healthy appearance create a refreshing ambiance that brings a touch of tropical paradise to any space.

Ready to display, this artificial plant comes in a sturdy black pot with a cement weighted base. The pot ensures stability, keeping the palm securely in place. To enhance its durability, a padded stem is included, providing a strong hold and adding to the overall sturdiness of the plant.

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this artificial palm. From the perforated texture of the leaves to the realistic coloration, it exudes a lifelike quality that mimics the beauty of natural palms. The inclusion of lifelike moss in the base pot adds a finishing touch, enhancing the authenticity and making this plant a valuable addition to any space.


  • Artificial Plant
  • Large Perforated Leaves
  • Multiple Stemmed
  • Black, Cement Weighted Pot


  • Width: 500mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • Height: 1010mm
  • Weight: 3.3kg

The Palm 90cm Artificial Plant is a low-maintenance alternative to live plants, offering everlasting beauty without the need for watering or sunlight. It retains its lush green appearance year-round, allowing you to enjoy the tropical vibes without the hassle of plant care.

This versatile faux palm can enhance a variety of settings, from living rooms to offices or even commercial spaces. Its visual impact creates a statement piece that adds depth and dimension to any room. Whether placed in a corner to create a focal point or used to bring a touch of nature to a plain wall, this artificial plant effortlessly enhances the aesthetics of any space.

Embrace the beauty of the Palm 90cm Artificial Plant and infuse your living space with the allure of lush greenery. Its lifelike appearance, durability, and easy maintenance make it a practical and stunning addition to your home decor. Elevate your surroundings with the tropical elegance of this faux palm and enjoy the everlasting freshness it brings to your living space.